Real Estate & Drone Photography      


We offer several different STILL Image & Video options for Home or Condos:
Still Images:            Approx. 25-40 Still Images

                                 or Approx. 40-50 Still Images

Drone Still Images: 6-8 images (additional images extra)

Package 1:          25-40 Still Images, 6-8 Drone Images

Package 2:          25-40 Still Images & Walk-Thru Video

Package 3:          25-40 Still Images, 6-8 Drone Images & 1-2 Minute Fly-Over Drone Video                                                 with Still Image Mix Video Tour

Package 4:          25-40 Still Images, 6-8 Drone Images, 1-3 Minute Virtual Tour Video                                                           with Outside Drone Video & Inside Walk-Thru Video

   Contact us for price information & info about commercial & farm property

 Quality photos ready for you to download usually within 24 hours
 Images formatted for easy upload to your MLS
(no need to resize)
 Inside & Outside plus amenities
 Fire Added to Fireplace if requested
 TV Screen Image Replacement if requested
 Registered UAS aircraft / FAA compliant registration, FAA Certified Remote Pilot, and Insured.
 High Quality Aerial Drone Video
 Professional Quality Electronic Gimbals
 Interior Walk-Thru Videos
 Over 20 years of real estate experience

2710967_0FAA Drone Pilot